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We believe in the UBUNDU-style of community sharing and development and strongly encourage other Open Standard Initiatives.  Our on-boarding partners prefer to adopt profit sharing schemes and openly accessible information repositories as a think-tank that others can tap upon and develop further and deeper.

Here at Talk On Strategy we believe that life itself is a series of hard-won victories against our toughest fears, limitations, point of low morale, adverse conditions or even hostile adversaries.

We do not accept failure. We do not accept defeat. We take life inch-by-inch and we take our victories inch-by-inch. This call is for Greeks and non-Greeks alike. This call is for the ones that take the long path, the hard path, the path of faith.

Change means: Burning-down the bridges of return

Although some of the projects started up as local initiatives within the context of a deep local economic crisis, we believe that they can easily be applied on larger scales as well as different geographies.

Profitapp.NET – One-way Risk Transformation to ProfitWare

Maritime Apps – High Innovation in Big Logistics Portfolios

EasyVacate.com – Luxurious Property around Greece

Take Real Foods

NAVIGA by Cybernis

Community Supported Agriculture

Hedging Investment Risks in a non-liquid Economy


Nikouria Amorgos – Authentic Big Blue Revival

Cosmopolis – Organicity Movement


HOMES4PEOPLE – Caring for the Homeless People: An Awareness Project


As part of our Platform, we encourage and support Ongoing Education for all members who wish to study and evolve. For that purpose, we have installed a Public Hybrid Library with 100+ American Textbooks that our members can lend one at a time for 1 week. We also invite articles – especially the disruptive ones(!)  – to publish on our platform blog – #HASHTAG#. By all means engage.

We also share with our members a database of hundreds of ebooks for any major business area that provide in-depth knowledge for all those wishing to get a robust academic background along their hands-on entrepreneurial training.


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