Business by the BEACH

The beauty of the scenery and the warm and gentle climate of Greece throughout the year, offer an ideal opportunity for business people to set their base-camp in Greece in order to relax as they re-engineer their business under a blue sky and an equally clear-blue seafront.

The ones who have understood the cost plus quality benefits and efficiencies of this scenario, have already moved-in and taken position in their area of preference. These are the “intelligent movers”, who have started the new trend.

As a consulting company, we offer advice on where the best match for the business or long-term vacation points exist at each particular time, place and budget situation. We also analyze the technology capacity that is available and offer alternatives for maximum efficiency under specific requirements scenario. can serve as a b2b platform for initial engagement with local agents

and once you require extra services or in-depth analysis of the pros and cons of each location you can always reach us at