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Having spent thousands of hours on working our way around start-ups of all kinds and sizes, attended hundreds of Conferences and Spoken with thousand Consultants from all over the World, we are in a position to offer highly-targeted Advisory Services when you need them most:

Right from the beginning of organizing your very own Start-up

That’s where – as you launch and engage with your own valuable time and people resources – that you need assurance that you are on the right path and that you are not drifting away at “dead waters” which may cost you very dearly indeed. And you can always be assured for a high-level Confidentiality Hand-Shake as we will sign the NDA Agreement that you provide, before we start delving into more details about your Project.

[George Raikos presenting at ACFE Event on Business Ethics – Hellenic American Union, November 2011]

[George Raikos presenting at 2nd ISACA Athens Conference – Hellenic American Union, December 7th, 2012 – Theme: “Crisis!…What Crisis?”]

Connected Security Think Tank

[George Raikos at Strategy RoundTable – Dell Security ThinkTank, Paris 2013]

George Raikos with Aggelos Derlopas of Positivity Coaching

[George Raikos during his Collaboration with Angelos Derlopas, Founder of POSITIVITY COACHING – February 2013]

Raikos picture at Zappeion

[George Raikos – Participating in most major Conferences taking place in Athens under European Presidency 2014]

Raikos @ Moneyshow 2016 talkonstrategy

[George Raikos at MoneyShow 2016 – 13th Investment and Stock Exchange Conference] –

at IDC Athens 2016[George Raikos at IDC – IT Security Roadshow Athens May 2016] –

We can analyze in a Single Consulting Session your idea/project vis-a-vis the current market dynamics, the potential for success as well as the ability to quickly showcase your project to the market to determine early enough user acceptance as well as draw some initial interest on potential equity stakeholders.

We charge a fraction of the real value of such specialized consulting services, because we believe and we want EVERYONE to be able to have access to our expert start-up services

Our rate for outside corporate clients is a

Flat Fee – £300 / hr

Below you may find our Bank account details for your bank transfer

Once you decide to engage with us, send us an email at:

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stating the number of consulting hours you wish to receive, your NDA Agreement and your time-zone, if a long-distance video-conference will be appropriate in your case. We will send you a payment request via the email you provided to enable fee payment and initiation of you Consulting Session on a date and time availability that will be provided during our booking process.

We have made a name for the Quality of our Consulting Services as well as for the depth of our own incubation activities. We envisage this melting pot of ideas and entrepreneurs to be the “clay of new materials” that will built the markets afresh.