ProfitApp Mobile Apps

ProfitApp.NET is a suite of software applications developed specifically for mobile devices within rich and matured IoT environments. The goal of these applications is to provide an all-round view of the performance and profitability of your business within an acceptable risk profile that is monitored in realtime so that both Risk Takers and Risk Receivers can both define the terms and jointly profit from “the new buiness game”.

We  do not simply develop Software for Mobile Applications.

We provide Business Stakeholders with

the right information to make decisions that maximize their business impact.

Furthermore, the open application philosophy, allows for extensive customization to cater for emerging business requirements throughout the application lifecycle. This philosophy enhances extended application use and continuous and shared information flow, which are critical to business operations where agility and low response times translate into direct OPEX or market position advantages.


ProfitApp all.Biz, is a reporting applet, that collects vital business statistics in real-time and displays it in a customizable dashboard that aids informed decision-making for top managerial levels or business owners.

What differentiates ProfitApp all.Biz from other established reporting tools, is its ability to extract the most important information at the time and point it is required, avoiding information clutter and allowing for 24 x 7 decision making capacity through the mobile device of the person in charge. This is a tool for the high-flyers, highly mobile users who need to make decisions on the spot in a matter of minutes.

ProfitApp maritime, is a suite of highly customisable applets which are specifically targeted to a closed group of clients in London, UK and Athens, Greece. A dedicated group of developers, enhances current software applications on-board major ship carriers, to provide additional functionality and system interconnectivity for accurate and comprehensive real-time risk assessment.

ProfitApp maritime manages application security as part of the initial systems design, to make sure that crucial cruising information is kept safe both from outside as well as inside risk vectors.