Take Real Foods


“Take Real Foods”, is a premium brand initiative that promotes scarce quantity and extreme quality natural Greek food items. Take Real Foods” also aims to familiarize the public with the original taste and nutritional value of Primal Food.

By Primal Food, we mean food which is drawn from nature with minimal, if any, processing, mixing or alteration of any of its properties, in order to maintain this food into its best possible condition at the time of consumption.

Such Primal food items, have their origin way back in the past, when Ancient Greeks, under the intiial guidance of Hippocrates and a few other mystics, discovered the value of food as medicine, and the right assortment of foods, as a means of thorough preparation of the body and the spirit before undertaking a great challenge [such as engaging in warfare for example] or healing and restoring after a prolonged period of wear and stress.