Yet another Change in Europe?

As we head towards a Brexit, Grexit and a pan-European-exit into a melt-down, I am afraid a Change of Persons will not be enough to effect the REAL CHANGE that we all need in terms of productivity, labor, transparency, equanimity and socioeconomic stability in Greece and in Europe as a whole.

It would be advisable, at this historical point, not to focus on alternative local political agendas and economic propositions, when it seems very propable to fall back into internal political dysfunctions that can run out of all proportions on the face of failure on Diplomacy and Foreign Affairs.

Needless to say, that the Greek people in particular, are fed-up with the word “Change” which seems to have lost its semantic value by means of its overuse or distortion to fit agendas of all kinds, inside and outside the country…

Let us all understand the need to unite as equal parts within the Nations of a Federal Europe in a cohorted effort to see the benefits of unison vis-a-vis the fallacies of sovereignty and political atropy.

Even if within Europe itself, the economically strong can not see the benefits of a “Europe United”, it will have to be up to us Greeks – ironically – to stress, by the power of Reason and Logic, the long-term efficacy of finally reverting into “Team Play”.

We will all have to Lead, each and every one of us, in his or her area of excellence in the field.

And we will have to lead by example.

And promise that we will act.

And Act as we promised.

But if we fail this time, maybe it will be too difficult for us all, to argue with our children why we so easily took the liberty to gamble with the Assets that belonged to their own generation.

And although poverty is too harsh a reality for the “meek” half of this world to stand-up and face, a son’s dissaproval of the father’s failed choices is even harder to bear than the father’s own feeling of failure.

Let us all, Parents of the next generation:


With the right priorities in mind,

What the long-term meaning of our next choices we would like to be.