In a UX-driven Economy, where CI [Corporate Identity] is the Name of the Game. Brands are today’s heavy components in the Intellectual Property vs CAPEX /OPEX Commercial Balance. While the latter is difficult to acquire and maintain, the former is a much more time-consuming, delicate and intelligence-driven “Technology” that can sometimes be valuated in the area of $millions and can evaporate in a matter of days if the wrong steps are taken.

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Amidst crises of all kinds, not only in the Greek economy, but also in the wider marketplaces, a small team of entrepreneurs with strong design capacity and acute Advertising skills, understand the value and applicability of CI as a very versatile tool with tremendous power to turn around the business and leave the competition flat on its face.

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We target brands that have a successful market history but need to revisit a “tired brand image” or amplify customer perception and market positioning.

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