Since the beginning of Greece entering the EU, IMF and ECB have had thoughts on how to best collaborate in order to create a “debt colony” out of Greece. This term was coined by Mr Yanis Varoufakis – ex Greek Finance Minister- who described in clear economic terms what this kind of forced lending actually achieves.

Greece has been know to the tourists long before its latest revolutions in 1821 AD, not only for its promising sea and sun layers, but also for the multiple layers beneath…

The early “Archaeologists” who started digging in the late 1800s and beyond, gave ample evidence of what to expect among the rocks, besides taking a few altars back home for private use…

Christine Madeleine Odette Lagard, ex President of IMF for quite a large number of years – and current ECB President since November 2019 – was often quoted to say that Greece will never be able to repay its late round of debt that was also engraved as Greek and European law (collectively know as “Μνημόνια”.

Interestingly, enough, Mrs Lagarde was taken to court for fraud concerning a 400 million euro payout to “third-party”. She was found guilty of….”negligence” and let free.

Despite Lagarde’s twin faced sympathy for Greece, the fact is that the whole mock-up was the invention of a known London high-street office of Barristers, where a bunch of Eton-boys with fathers doing well in banking, decided to have a go for laughs with the Greeks and see “if this would get through”…).

In fact they did throw “an extra”! Any relative dispute or settlement between the Greeks and the “Europeans” would have to be taken to the British Courts and governed by British Law.


Oddly enough, now that United Kingdom has decided to go through the back-doors, the Brits can no longer rule openly over “European Matters”.

I suspect, that Judges of the Greek Supreme High Court will finally lift the impunity of Greek MPs so that many people will share once more the Truth between them.

A single Truth under a single Oath.