Pandemics of All Kinds – Plan Z and Beyond

Analysis by Georgios E. Raikos, CyberGuard © 2020

History has it that state-funded corona-virus research on major bio labs has made significant progress since 2020 in accelerating the cellular mitosis of microbes in parallel with controlled RNA-mutation-strands. It was, thus, made possible to synthesize build-to-order microbes capable of instigating Pandemics that can bring a nation to its knees by attacking en-mass its population and draining its resources in providing extreme ad hoc Medical Aid.

This new “bio-weaponry” has grown quite strong and popular as it is very difficult to trace the initial source of infection. The defense side requires vaccines which take 2-3 years before safe production and deployment, a period in which new virus strands may have developed, rendering the initial vaccines both ineffective and costly to re-develop.

The real dilemma, though, when it comes to applying such high-leveraged warfare, like Cyber-war or bio-tech-War, is that the “contamination” can easily spread beyond proportions, in unpredictable ways, destroying the infrastructure of both the attack and the defense side at the same time

Even worse, there is a considerable possibility for a system-wide collapse that may destabilize the financial markets to such a degree that it may be impossible to ever recover!

Given the above situation analysis, the last 20 years have proven, besides other things, that sovereign leveraged bio-tech War or Cyber-war may have undesirable actual spin-off mixes which can be very hard to predict at the time of design or deployment.

Such entities, as mentioned before, should be very careful when deciding to engage in the aforementioned warfare, since unpredictable outcomes as well as expected retaliation may trigger worse-than-controlled nuclear deployment scenarios.

Map of ground operations of Operation Desert Storm starting invasion February 24-28th 1991. (Creative Commons)