What R Wii

TALK ON STRATEGY commenced on September 2014 incubating numerous disruptive ideas challenging the fallacies in modern logic  and intending to give birth to New Thinkers and eventually a New Breed of Leaders.

[Spoken and LIVED by Steve Jobs]

TALK ON STRATEGY today has evolved to be an an Incubator for StartUps, Start[apps] and Brandname Kick-starts


TALK ON STRATEGY, still maintains its liberate, open-source character as well as a free speech, open-source medium under the code-name #Hash-tag# for like-minded individuals who share the passion for life and the quest for business innovation and manage to blend the two into a single game: “The Game of Business Lifecycles”!

We view strategy not as a silo, “sandboxing” container of ideas on how to make money or make small or large businesses grow faster and further.

The basic methodology to keep the thought process moving, is to keep asking WHY? (The original “Socratic Method”). Taking no axiom for granted, yet accepting what has been achieved till it is replaced by something new (sourced again in Heraclitus perception of an ever-changing reality), we move forth in search for newer, solid ground, in acceptance of the fact that this will also be replaced by new evidence in due time as well…

Although business is yet, another type of game-play, we seek new viewpoints to the persistent problems in everyday life:

  • how to Flourish
  • how to Share
  • how to be Sufficient
  • how to be of Service

and all of the above in relation to the overall community, be it the City, the State, the Gonglomerate, or simply a bunch of people creating new “staff”, as artists or as pioneers of intelligent, original, and newly-carved Thought Pathways.

We hope you will find TALK ON STRATEGY interesting, and that you will share it with others or contribute with your own personal material. We would be more than happy to engage, and grow this outward-looking community of start-uppers.

We are a Collective Hive of open-minded entrepreneurs who believe in the power of sharing. If you feel this represents your own values, please come and join us.

Yours Trully,

Georgios Evaggelou Raikos,  Talk On Strategy Founder & CEO

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