LEYEBA – Cornea Transplants

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It is estimated that due to lack of access and high cost of cornea tissue, an amount of at least 4m Euros is lost annually from the Greek State Budget due to the cost of purchasing cornea tissue for transpalantations performed in Greece, the cost of funding transplant operations performed abroad together with the cost of labor productivity forgone due to untreated corneal diseases.

L.EYE.B.A intends to provide affordable, high quality local tissue, openly accessible to every Greek patient with an estimated saving of 1.5m Euros in the year 2018 just from L.EYE.B.A originating cornea tissue and the additional 2.5m Euros from labor capacity regained.

As a strategic choice L.EYE.B.A will become a regional tissue provider for southeast Europe. To cover the startup expences of the operation (approximately 0,5m Euros) an equal amount will have to be secured as charity donation on the basis of the humanitarian mission of the organisation.

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Executive Summary