The “American Dream”, was largely based on attracting the best minds around the world – be it scientists, entrepreneurs, opportunists, financiers, innovators and inventors, and in general people willing to take on challenges and risks to maximize impact (financial and other).

This web of entrepreneurship, later emerged as a close tie between the establishment of Universities of the highest quality and American corporations offering lucrative jobs for the top-scoring graduates. The catch for the international student has been up to now, a degree with high market-value and guaranteed employment with high starting salaries.

Any country wishing to copy this “successful recipe” will have to invest and upgrade in education and draw employment opportunities from companies with local presence to absorb graduates and utilize this source of intelligent and forward-looking human think-tank.

Greece in no exception. We are linking with University Professors and their Institutions withthe Corporations that have presence in Greece, eliciting mid-scale projects with a tight budget from the latter and  delivering these projects with resources from the former. To our view, the “Greek meta- CRISIS DREAM” is to be dreamed initially by the pioneers that are willing to draw all the necessary human resources into a human capital pool, that will undertake the initial role of kick-starting the critical mass of start-ups, publicize it and scale it, and replicate it.

“For those of us who believe in realities, dreams are just a matter of perception”

 parthenon the greek dream


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