We travel in the footsteps of Athens, the birthplace of democracy and culture and the wider Hellas, where the foundations of the great sciences were founded such as philosophy, geography, history, mathematics, geometry, physics, medicine, etc., as well as the athletic spirit of Rivalry and Fair Competition.
We study how the Spirit was elevated through rhetoric, drama, music, poetry, prose, and arts such as sculpture, architecture, etc.

In this journey we encounter worthy corresponding creators in Europe and throughout our modern world. Through our work, we highlight important museums, universities, personalities and architectural creations, which have been inspired and have fruitfully utilised the classical arts and have exhibited particularly significant projects, in a way that is now part of the world cultural heritage.
The aim of our project is to contribute to the development of areas such as:

1. Tourism, through the presentation of beautiful landscapes where the arts and sciences developed and flourished. Also we give impetus for development by providing the opportunity to familiarise people with worthy sites/ books/ textbooks/ universities etc. so that they realise they want to visit these areas and get acquainted with them.

2. Education, through the presentation of the brilliant work of Universities, like the courses they teach and the scientific research they conduct. Also, with the exhibition of remarkable museums that reflect archaeological and folklore creativity. Due to our promotion of remarkable universities, museums and other similar sites, we enable people who did not even know these fields until now, to come closer.

3. Knowledge, through the growing interest of people to get familiarized with more aspects of the classical world, even with aspects that they didn’t know before.



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