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This is an open group for people that need blood and people who are willing to share their blood as a donation of Life itself\!

Negative Rhesus Blood type is a quite rare type and emergency blood transfusions are difficult to effect as a result of shortages, lack of central management for blood databases, small number of regular voluntary donors, lack of respective large-scale education, etc.

The NEGATIVE RHESUS Initiative on Facebook, is a private effort by people that understand the importance of this issue and take a step forward to organize a community of donors with Negative Rhesus Blood Type as well as link them with people in need of regular and emergency respective blood transfusions like people with Thalassemia, cases of serious accidents followed by operation with transfusion, etc.

We invite you to share in a private message to the group admins your name, email, and mobile number, so that we may contact you for a donation when the need arises. Your personal information will be used strictly for this purpose and will not be revealed to third parties other than patients themselves and for the purpose of blood donation only.

We hereby also declare that this initiative does not carry any commercial endorsement, and is not a company of any legal type. We just serve as the connecting link of donors and “users” of type Negative Rhesus Blood Transfusions over social media platforms.

You may find the group of NEGATIVE RHESUS members on facebook


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