human capital

Human Capital is the only capital that an economy can produce and make pivotal use for the production of any other type of output.

By studying closely the systemic failure of economies based in imaterial/non-productive derivatives, we can induce that only by coupling projects on tanginble infrastructures with the right mix of human skill-sets, we can achieve real and optimal efficiencies outside of the realm of “political economies” (i.e.economic conditions transgressed via Mass Media and made “real” depending on the political intentions of those with assymetric market/communication power).

The viable economic ecosystems that we describe above, are self-proliferating and naturally propagating systems that match Supply and Demand within the ecosystem and provide solutions with high value to the community in its entirety. This allows for lack of social/economic splitting and thus minimal, if any, internal attrition.

These economic systems stretch horizontally across communities and therefore can have universal applicability much like a living organization balances its internal subsystems but also interact with other similar constituents, thus the term we choose “COMPLETUS UNIVERSALIS”. Organity is a much healthier approach than  derivativization, as economic history has proven time and time again.

globe completus universalis