Cosmopolis – Organicity Movement


COSMOPOLIS Organicity Movement, is a universal ideal expressing Unity, Creativity and Virtue as governed by Organicity (ie development from within / functioning similarly to the human body)


[photo from Cosmopolis Visit To Plato Academy – January 2016]

People who have raised above themselves in order to become social and political reference points, serve others as the only true and viable route for the well-being of Humanity at large. The very same realization of Equality and Isonomy between people, provides the key to resolve conflict at all levels and provide the healthy ground to develop healthy Governance and Cooperative models for the modern human societies.


We are welcoming people and groups of all kinds wishing to extend a handshake with us, sharing the same ethical baseline and aspiring to the same principles, in full faith that a few healthy cells within societies will be able to provide the new socio-political core for the 21st century, much like the human body extends its life by allowing the human cells to regenerate and replace “the old with the new”.