A few notes on Human Preservation vs Human Growth

da vinci

Human bodies work in two basic and alternative modes:

  • The Growth Mode
  • The Protection/Preservation Mode

In the Growth Mode, we receive both nutrition from our intestines as blood concentrates there to aid digestion and absorption of nutrients from our food. This mode required that the person is relatively at ease, thus the brain concentrates in the digestion process allowing the blood flow to be allocated accordingly.

In the Protection Mode, the blood flow is diverted to the hands in expectation of engaging into a survival fight, thus pausing the digestion process and the growth of the human body, respectively.

In today’s terms, when anxiety and stress-related habbits and thoughts occupy the entire duration of each day, it is easy to derive that the growth of our bodies is severely impacted and thus diseases and overall bodily deterioration easily sets in, with anxiety-produced toxins poisoning our systems even further.

Considering all this, there is little room for pleading ignorant to this modern day stress epidemic  and its wide-spread effects on human population around the globe.

If we are to survive as a collective tribe, we will need to start “fighting” less inside ourselves and growing again “literally from within”!