Attachment-free Zone of Being

The power of change is so strong, that anyone resisting it, simply gets washed-away. On the other hand, anyone flowing with the power of change, can accomplish things outside of the realm of the set of possibilities. Some call it synchronicity, others attribute it to mere chance, others even assign it to the field of quantum physics. It seems, that riding the wave of change is the best strategy for anyone to follow every day. This is called the “no-resistance strategy”.

Yet the comfort zone that we often find ourselves so attached to, is one of the hardest inhibitors in the acceptance of change, and the necessary art of letting-go, what we will call “Attachment-free Zone of Being”, where no one or nothing is necessary, except our firm belief that we are living in the NOW and that we are being taken care of, constantly. That’s a logical mindset to hit upon and accept, through the typical paths of logical reasoning.

We are raised to achieve perfection and performance through continuous competition, so that we can become the best, get the most, have it all, and then – after all that – attain happiness. Yet, a quick glance at the to 0.001% of the population, having amassed the riches of this world, reveals inner-traumas, emptiness, lock-on desires and addictions of all kinds – in short anything but happiness.

Most of the religions, throughout human history, have placed the emphasis away from what the hands can hold, to what one can perceive with constructive fantasy (soul-searching) beyond what the eye can trace in the darkness of the skies. It is this “smallness” of the humans, when compared to larger stellar phenomena, that make us understand that freeing the mind from the ground, the soil that we all come and become, all the temporary attractions of the “monkey-mind” found in the desire-driven daily living-by, can offer the only way to immortality, the after-life, the way one’s non-material side, called often soul. It is this soul that we carry inside and connects us to the outside with memories of people we love, will love and have loved… It is this immortality of the thoughts and the inner motions of the soul, that connect us to the universe, everyone and everything contained in it.

When we keep constantly in mind the path we are traversing towards immortality of the soul, where no material can be carried expect the attributes and the qualities of the soul, that is to be released within the “Attachment-free zone of Being”, then everything that happens today or anything that bothers us for tomorrow is given its proportion. The only constant, is that of change, as we evolve as spirits, learning from the “lessons” being laid upon us, giving and receiving help and affection, understanding the bigger picture and finally becoming part of it.

I can hardly understand how one can find his /her way into the “Attachment-free zone of Being” (usually through practice, or mere acceptance) and not achieve instantly the bliss of this same revelation. After all, Divine Economy, is a win-win game of a Nash equilibrium, where whatever each and every one of us freely chooses, matches the intent of the Divinity. That’s the beauty of the game of life, the Grand Design that takes all into account and provides the best for everyone and everything. I do not need to see infinity to comprehend it. A small glimpse into the “rationale” of its structure, the beauty of its abstract mathematical philosophy, is more than enough for me. How about you?


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