Faith and Logic – Paradigm Drift

It has been the argument for every single generation of humanity, after rational thinking has been attributed to the homo sapiens (or even homo erectus), the fact that what exists is what you see and what you can understand from what you see. On the other hand, it has always been a mystery what everyone of us, humans, has felt when glimpsing up in the sky in a clear cold winter day, with scattered stars glittering in the sky mantle next to the big moon, giving us very few clues of who put them there, what they mean for us, and what we can learn without really understanding “the language”. That “language” which was later termed religion, meta-physics, or so many other names, and has been somehow stable in that it was more or less perceived through the eyes of faith – and the “translation” religious high-priests and prophets of all dogmas could provide as part of their own journey of understanding and, sometimes, undeniable personal experience of apocalyptic nature, that gave extra-sensory knowledge, ahead of their time…

The dark ages, where the dogma became the darkness and the inquisitive minds met with the “Inquisition” gave their way to Renaissance of all kinds, and most importantly to regeneration of free expression, once more, of the spectacle and the glory of the beauty of nature and the mathematics behind it – aka the possibility of something far greater than us, designing this mathematical immensity expressed in infinite beauty that human arts were so hardly trying to catch and reproduce.

Science became the “new language” and scientific/logical reasoning became the way to explain step-by-step what the human mind could contain at each theoretical iteration on the basis of underlying assumptions/logical expressions (later to be challenged to give way to new theories and new underlying expressions – an infinite flaw of limited rationality trying to express the “Unlimited”).

One good example, is the upheaval of the electronic computing/compounded thinking power that matured in the late decades of the 20th century, and was based itself on binary logic (or Boolean logic).

What Boolean/linear logic could not – and still cannot – explain, however, is how to put in a single model of rational thought and understanding , the Reality of Infinity as envisaged by thought masters like Albert Eistein and his scholars, and later testified by evidence provided through the Humble Telescope orbiting outside the Earth’s atmosphere and locking on the black holes that Stephen Hawkins had described as the only plausible explanation of time bending due to extreme gravity/energy distortions.

However contradictory it may seem as a statement, human history has shown that faith superseded scientific evolution. This is best shown both in the micro macro level by means of the explorers’ eyes drifting downwards the finest particles of matter appearing in a contained explosion in CERN labs as well as the macro level by means of the infinite possibilities that quantum physics and multiple simultaneous dimensions . So, if faith tells us, that however bright the human mind – or the collective of all human scientific knowledge can or will contain – there is no point in time in which it can reach the capacity of understanding and “explaining” the Universe as a whole.

Unless we accept what faith suggests, (that some “Deity” is the Creating Force, the Mastermind behind all this, or rather inside all this) everything else, however scientifically correct and acceptable it may, there will never be a point where rational reasoning alone can describe in its totally what a mere mathematical like symbol “∞” denotes.

If all this makes any sense at all to people thinking only in rational terms and accepting only what science proves, then the above “rational treatise” may provide some challenges as to when it comes to accepting what will always remain unknown, inexplicable, not scientifically quantified and logically proven – yet fully experienced through the senses. And this is the fact that Faith is equally important, and certainly not contradictory to Logic.

And if one could put all that it in one “scientific” (rational) sentence: “Energy is the single unifying force, Singularity is the single truth (same singularity like the one behind the unseen horizon of a black hole) and Acceptance is the Single explanation of the Untold (that ever-missing part of all mathematical equations)”.

And if we can accept the Paradigm Drift, that Life is a Singlularity transcending Time (There is no death, just Energy Shift), then in the Game of Life, Faith and Logic is just the same, isn’t it? After all, it is just another point of view…


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