Life is a State of Mind

“Life is a state of mind”

Now ain’t that a statement! Let’s analyze this simple factual sentence, to get more depth in the inherent multiple meanings…


“Life is” is a definitive reference to a set of all things that exist – that is all that can be captured by the human senses – as well as all the unseen forces that create, coordinate and promote life per se. Then again, if we define life as a mathematical set of “creatures” that can been called “living”, still this set remains open as species can become extinct or can still being discovered in the depths of the seas or the microscope of the biologists in observing the almost infinite permutations of a single virus over time.

This latter fact, denotes that although we think we know what life is, we are far from charting the individual expressions of life, let alone determine how they came about or what differences in their genetic code allow for this or for that. In fact – as late experiments with genes and DNA strands have shown – we are often clueless about what human-inhibited changes in the genetic code, or rampant excessive radiation will induce in the next generation of a living organism. And to make that even worse, we allow freely and on a large scale the use of genetically modified “food” to run into the overall food chain as well as the human bodies, without taking any account on what the effects will be for life as a whole in the longer term.

Now let’s examine the last word of the initial sentence.


Mind can be extrapolated into two opposing extremes: “Mindful” and “Mindless”.

We tend to call some people mindful when they take good care of their families, their business, the society at large, nature itself, and so on so forth. On the other hand, a mindless person does all of the above with no mind at all – that is puts little care or thought in every step of his/her doings and, therefore, puts at risk all of the above entities that depend on him/her actions.

When mindless people get in charge of positions that allow them to affect LIFE at large (all kinds of species including the human species) then Life suffers or becomes extinct.

In that latter realization, it is evident that in order for life to maintain its balance within the species, its existence and its perpetuation in the future, men need not tamper with their limited knowledge with the “sacred” life-generating code that hides all its secrets from the peeping eyes of God-like-acting scientists with a fat paychecks and thin ethos, but rather allow nature to heal the man-made wounds on the fauna and sauna that comprise the skin of this blue planet, so that: LIFE WILL STILL BE.

Now the sentence LIFE IS A STATE OF MIND has taken a completely different meaning from the one we could assign at first sight. In order for life to exist, humans, the most intelligent living creatures at the top of the food chain, carrying the image of and the similarity with God, will have to be in their right mind to make the single most important choice of this generation: To allow for a next generation of humans to exist.

In that urgency of the matter, the collective Human Mind will have to be on its sense, to undertake a state of mindfulness that can allow for life not to perish, but to continue dwell upon Earth. And humans, being endorsed by nature with the gift of free will and the ability to build upon past accumulated knowledge, will have to take that last breath we have of life, and make the best application of their STATE OF MIND, so that LIFE and MIND fully interact and interdepend in a unique STATE, that of natural flow and metaphysical wisdom that grants LIFE AS A STATE OF MIND.




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