Mastering our emotions

[By Asking for Guidance from Above and allowing room for change]
Our emotions run hot and cold, and we are thrown challenges every single second of the day… We are on constant trial…

How are we going to cope with what is happening to us? What is this unforeseen challenge that I am up against? Why am I going through this? Unfortunate unforeseen events and happenings I don’t quite want to be dealing with are coming right at me and you…

What lesson do I have to learn by allowing for this challenge? Questions I often ask myself as I am challenged every single day with something new… What I have learned, is to to accept my challenge and allow for the Divine Guidance. I start by asking first… Then in due time, everything is revealed and all goodness unfolds…

I try not to act on anger… I try not to act irrationally … I try not to act hastily… Only then can I Receive True Guidance from above… Only then True Transformation can take place… Allow for Divine Intervention … You will be glad you did…

Seek and you shall find… Ask and you shall receive… Observe your own habits and daily routine … Listen to your own self… Learn to detach yourself from all materialistic items… Learn to detach yourself from others… Learn to take a stand and discipline yourself by Mastering your emotions, stop that chit chatting behavior with yourself let your divine purpose be revealed to you by silencing your mind and allowing room for change…


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