The Christmas Spirit: You Must Believe

As we pass through another Christmas Eve, we tend to summon the days of the year that passed, here in Greece, the birth-place of Democracy (aka Justice), the provider of the Universal language long before English was invented, the host of the greatest minds in the history of mankind, as well as the worst teammates – be it in micro or macro level. In this crisis-ridden country of all expectations, we have come to get accustomed to talks about economy and politics (as if they are the only factors of success) and completely missed the point of faith, the single most powerful notion that Christmas per se is based upon.

Believers or non-believers, we may skip Sunday Service, but we won’t skip the consumer frenzy that even Greeks still entangle with during the Christmas Vacation, in search of a light of hope and happiness. Alas, even in the “good days” of “easy-money” – and easier monetary policy by the ECB and the so-called European Partners – happiness was so elusive, like a drug promising faint paradises, and delivering private and public debt, the one that led 10,000+ Greek people to suicide, and the count is still going…

It seems, very few of us still believe in the basics, what Christmas is all about, what it is and , what’s not, why we still rejoice and to Whom do we owe the privilege of the – arguably for many – the most important Celebration year-round.

It also seems, that politics and established economic theories will not get us out of crisis – since they are the ones that got us here in the first place! Successful historical paradigms – like that of the Israelis, the Japanese and the Koreans – have taught us that “Synergy” is the glue that bonds together people into societies, wise enough to avoid imploding and strong enough to effectively defend themselves against external attacks.

In either case, individuals and societies alike, need to share one thing: BELIEF. Beliefs motivate us, strengthen us, make us resilient and able to withstand failures and form the necessary tradition that passes-on from generation to generation to perpetuate the historical / spiritual reality of different societies over time.

Back to the issue of Christmas and the Celebration of God as entering a human body to purify for once and for all, ever every human that existed – inspite of and above every“Law” – draws a tangent line between one’s spiritual/religious background and the quest of every human soul for happiness and meaning. And if what we employed in the last few decades, failed not only to deliver on this, but rather led us to internal and external demolition, then I think it is time to revisit the formula, understand the previous fallacy and re-align to the basics of existence – the Metaphysics, the Quantum Physics, the Mystics or the “Filokalia” of the elders, the scientific or the religious “evidence” that we are not alone on this blue sphere surfing the cosmic space, but the Belief that there is much more than meets the eye…

And if semantics and requirement to be politically correct does not allow me to be blunt about the “Experience of Belief”, please allow me to introduce you to the power of Belief as a powerful motive to get-you started once more from a nasty, life’s knock-out, the kind that can scar your soul irreparably, or lead you to “immunity”. It is all a matter of choice, like a friend of mine quoted a few days ago, reminding me – or rather proving to me – another instance of the strings theorem.

So, just to wrap up what is and what is not, for us all out there – being religious, atheists, agnostics (or plain undecided), I cannot find a better elixir for longevity, and internal balance than that of Belief. And I can not find an experience that is stronger than accepting the impossible: accepting the cosmic thesis that God descended to allow the humans to ascend – as per the initial plan – and against all odds… I really can not find a stronger belief and a more loving tale for the generations that passed and the ones that are still to come…

Y o u   M u s t   B e l i e v e !

This is the Spirit of Christmas. The journey of life just starts from there…



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