The Déjà vu Illusion of Time and Space Continuity

Anything But Linear…

A few years ago, Albert Einstein as well as the doctrines of Constantin Carathéodory (his teacher) and Stephen Hawking (a mighty “supernova-mind, equal contender of the other two) have pushed the limits of scientific theory so far that scientists themselves are still gasping to understand it all and put it in simple, easy-to-understand terms for common folks like me and you.

Arguably, what is more important, though, is that all three of them before breaking-out the news to us: that half of previous our knowledge of the universe was just garbage or kindergarten staff, they had to break away themselves from what was considered axiomatic – and, therefore, unquestionable.

By allowing their freed mind to entangle with the spiritual/philosophical aspects that advanced mathematics require for one to enter the time and space geometry, quantum physics, time bending, relativity theory, black holes, dark matter, 3++ dimensions etc., they were able to force their way (and our minds) into new scientific territory and probe into the unchartered waters of Creation itself as a scientist can approach and as a metaphysist can perceive, both being the same person.

And if you think that you can explain to your kid what time means as a fourth dimension, try explaining yourself what time “feels like” inside a black hole, or even what expects you at the other end of it!…

Leaving aside, the mathematical aspects of all this and allowing the mind to distill the easiest parts of this enormous amount of Scientific “Nova Terra”, one could ask: what all this can mean for my life?

The answer is that it can mean nothing, anything, or everything!

I’ll try to explain it from a simpler point of view…We will start with a set of questions.

Have you ever felt that you have been somewhere before, although you know you just came here for the first time? Have you ever felt that you have experienced twice a particular point in time, at different stages in your life? Have you had an experience that you remembered being part of an earlier forgotten dream of yours? How can you explain the ultimate physical speed (the speed of light) as compared to the speed of your thoughts moving (or better traveling) through space?

Being tied-down to the detrimental parts of our average day, or even the limits of our school or university education, can provide little or no help, when we try to approach these questions from a scientific point of view. Yet, a free, experiential approach through the senses can provide ample evidence of the truth that lies behind all this massive amount of cutting-edge theory, into our brain as we train our synapses to surpass simple blocks of information and synthesize all previous experiences into a single “feeling” of our being as positioned to space and time.

This process, often experienced as Déjà vu moments, falling beyond explanation can best be understood as a song, the harmony and energy of which helps us resonate with the Universe – also called “One Song” (Uni-Verse).

That is no surprise for composers of music who “hear” the music being whispered into their ears as they put it down into notation. Musicians, likewise, experience the same amount of energy and “extra-sensory” understanding of the composers’ message by performing one of their songs, moving astray from simple notes, and synchronizing with the “breath” of the song (yoga practitioners also find this easier).

If we move aside from the individual realms of science, music and life itself as a series of time and space stamps, we can approach all three of them as One, a Whole, that has no beginning, no end and, therefore, no limit.

If we can try to translate what Eistein, Carathéodory and Hawking spoke of, in a single sentence, we could term it: “The Déjà vu Illusion of Time and Space” – aka the Feeling of Eternity and Infinity through the senses and inspite of logic – (what we used to call “Time Travel” in science fiction some time ago…). And if one is to further apply this to a visual map of the Universe through the eyes of the three Scholars above, then the eleven dimensions that depict more closely the time and space continuum through quanta is a good starting point to “see” all that it is…

[For those of you who would like a more spicy (and visual) taste of the above propositions, have a look at the video below and try to understand beyond your current boundaries of logic]



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