United we Stand – Divided we Fall

On the issue of globalization, there has been so much debate and so differing points of view, that we still may argue on the philosophical side of things, whereas the real effects of the related experience across the globe are severely felt and here to stay. The widening of the societal bi-polars of those who have and those who don’t, exhibit in everyday life how poverty can co-exist in the same geography with the affluent thin minority, driving people to extremities of all kinds and ultimately rendering peace unsustainable.

There have been fierce revolutions for less obvious differences in human history. Yet it seems that the power of the LCDs populating every room of our house or shopping experiences, are powerful enough to keep us all nicely sat, enjoying the air show on-glass, night after night, unable to think and chose on our own, what we really need and what we simply don’t. If choice is the ultimate degree of human freedom, then democracy seems to have ceased to exist long ago – even more so as a product of our own free will!

The late story in Greece unveiling the gross side of globalization and travesty of monetary unions surpassing the preface of political or even social unions, shows very clearly our inability to exercise discretion between economic sovereignty and human dignity extending much further than concerns about national pride and asymmetrical geopolitical power games.

If we start counting the year 2008 as the year that we all felt the first real shock of globalization, through the ripple effects of the interconnected failing financial markets, then just 7 years afterwards, we can merely sense the real abyss of a world-wide systemic failure of the banking system starting from the economic midget the size of Greece. It is obvious that the domino effect, the race for zero-sum games or the chaos theory (however you want to name it) can back-fire into another real fire of arms like the ones that have been haunting European nations throughout their histories. But this one might also be the last one…!

We would simply not dare to foretell what would happen in the case of a War(m) incident in the South region of Europe propelled by European bureaucracy betting the poker cards merely on short-term financial surpluses for the North…

We Do not and we Will Not forget the bitter taste of brotherly fight, the division and the oblivion of humans on a large scale that takes place when politicians fail to serve the society in favor of the (very) few, leading the former to revolt. If we can still allow ourselves to think clearly on this crucial night of June 28th, 2015 on the historic capital of Greece, running 6 years deep in our own crises of values, we can only plead for one thing and one thing alone. We can all succeed or we will all go down.

The historical realization: “United we Stand – Divided we Fall” has never been more applicable.



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